SAND Berlin #13


SAND Berlin No. 13

SAND is an independent literary print journal in Berlin, featuring work by writers, translators and visual artists globally. I served as the Art Editor and Designer for issues 11-13, selecting artists to feature, designed and produced the issues, illustrated covers, and designed their website.

Issue 13 succeeded the death-themed issue 12. By contrast, many of this issue's stories could be described as dream-like, hyper-colored, and straddling the barrier between what is real, and what isn't.

In response, I illustrated vibrant, saturated mountain peaks with shear cliffs, hovering like a hologram in space. The final cover was printed on a metallic-silver paper stock.

Deliverables & Services: Art direction, website, publication design, print production, illustration.
Editor-in-Chief: Lyz Pfister 
Managing Editor: Stephanie Hannon
Poetry Editor: Jake Schneider
Fiction Editor: Florian Duijsens
Art Editor/Designer: Angelique Hering
Copy Editor: Louis Labron-Johnson